And I am a black multi dimensional creative from South Central, Los Angeles. I've always had an inclination towards multiple art forms, and I believe I am here to share that with the world. Growing up, I noticed and experienced two recurring themes in the life of a black creative. One, being the crossroads of conformation vs. truth; sticking to the status quo, or staying true to who you are and what you want to do in life. The former, is the path most of us take out of fear of failure. Preexisting racially driven biases exists in virtually every industry imaginable. That makes it very difficult to believe that we can truly thrive in positions that were not otherwise afforded to us.   The truth that you are truly able to do everything you want to do in life, hasn't been instilled in most of my people, because of an inherent system of limitation. Most of us do not hold the belief that we can make our lives what we make it, due to a system that limits our opportunities for factors beyond our control. It has been instilled in us to take the path that has been given to us. Through my artistic expression, I aim to help change that narrative, and inspire others to do whatever it is that they want to do in life, regardless of the limitations society puts on us. I want you to embrace everything in this life that you want to do, and do them all with stride and confidence. If anyone says that you can't, go harder, and be an inspiration for them too. Remember, there is no goal too high; just people that are afraid of heights. With that being said, I am a proud painter, makeup artist, photographer, poet, creative visionary, and homie. Welcome to my world. 


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